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U.S.A. Industry Business Database

U.S.A. Industry Business Directory 2010-2011
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  • USA Industry Business Directory 2010-2011 with emails from 79 USA Industry;
  • Over 9,000,000 Records;
  • All records contains Email List ;
  • Data contains: Company Name, Description, Email, Address, Phone, Fax, SIC CODE, Website and etc. 
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Industry CodeIndustry NameQuantityPrice
01Agricultural Production Crops24,627$100.00
02Agriculture Livestock Production & Animal Specialties 1,988$19.90
07Agricultural Services42,534$100.00
09Fishing, hunting, and trapping305$19.90
10Metal mining6,609$100.00
12Coal mining113$19.90
13Oil and gas extraction7,133$100.00
14Nonmetallic minerals, except fuels1,047$19.90
15Building construction--general contractors and operative builders164,822$100.00
16Heavy construction other than buildings construction--contractors18,997$100.00
17Construction--Special trade contractors127,223$100.00
20Food and kindred products18,015$100.00
21Tobacco products155$19.90
22Textile mill products1,929$19.90
23Apparel and other textile products4,349$100.00
24Lumber and wood products7,660$100.00
25Furniture and fixtures4,531$100.00
26Paper and allied products6,168$100.00
27Printing and publishing167,530$100.00
28Chemicals and allied products10,233$100.00
29Petroleum and coal products1,612$19.90
30Rubber and miscellaneous plastics products13,785$100.00
31Leather and leather products977$19.90
32Stone, clay, and glass products9,110$100.00
33Primary metal industries7,295$100.00
34Fabricated metal products29,223$100.00
35Industrial machinery and equipment53,009$100.00
36Electronic and other electric equipment26,835$100.00
37Transportation equipment16,643$100.00
38Instruments and related products19,905$100.00
39Miscellaneous manufacturing industries24,515$100.00
40Railroad Transportation1,017$19.90
41Local and interurban passenger transportation24,515$100.00
42Motor freight transportation and warehousing60,117$100.00
43Post Service73,791$100.00
44Water transportation5,087$100.00
45Transportation by air 15,511$100.00
46Pipelines, except natural gas487$19.90
47Transportation services56,613$100.00
49Electric, gas, and sanitary services20,508$100.00
50Wholesale trade - durable goods209,638$100.00
51Wholesale trade - nondurable goods48,888$100.00
52Building materials, hardware, garden supply, and mobile home dealers130,741$100.00
53General merchandise stores36,682$100.00
54Food stores45,530$100.00
55Automotive dealers and gasoline service stations92,148$100.00
56Apparel and accessory stores36,499$100.00
57Home furniture, furnishings, and equipment stores225,833$100.00
58Eating and drinking places356,981$100.00
59Miscellaneous retail283,723$100.00
60Depository institutions69,606$100.00
61Nondepository credit institutions106,731$100.00
62Security and commodity brokers, dealers, exchanges, and services66,677$100.00
63Insurance carriers5,197$100.00
64Insurance agents, brokers, and services101,847$100.00
65Real estate agents and managers1,048,576$100.00
67Holding and other investment offices, except trusts15,828$100.00
70Hotels, rooming houses, camps, and other lodging places132,638$100.00
72Personal services140,364$100.00
73Business Services1,000,957$100.00
79Amusement and recreation services161,418$100.00
80Health services155,501$100.00
81Legal services67,550$100.00
82Educational services580,182$100.00
83Social services164,708$100.00
84Museums, art galleries, and botanical and zoological gardens19,807$100.00
86Membership organizations512,662$100.00
87Engineering, accounting, research, management, and related services298,065$100.00
89Miscellaneous Services, Not Classified Elsewhere312,529$100.00
91Executive, Legislative, and General Government except Finance112,932$100.00
92Justice, Public Order and Safety44,696$100.00
93Public Finance, Taxation, Monetary Policy10,742$100.00
94Administration of Human Resource Programs18,228$100.00
95Administration of Environmental Quality and Housing Programs16,901$100.00
96Administration of Economic Programs18,722$100.00
97National Security and International Affairs1,398$19.90
99Non-Classifiable Establishments304,655$100.00