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How to pay for the product online and download it?


How Soon Is My Data Available?
All data packs are available for download immediately after your payment has been processed.This will usually be available for download within one month after purchase.

How to pay for it?

Online payment for paypal

1.Choose the product you need 


2. Check the Qty and the price


3.Input your details so that we can check the order if you need any help


4.Review order and make sure all infomation are correct


5.Please kindly login a account at our website .Then you can download the files many times if you need in valid time.


 6.Check and submit the order                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


7.If you don't have a paypal account ,please login a account .If you already have account,please log  in directly to finish the payment.


8. When you finsih the payment ,please don't close the page .Click the red circle shows as follows


9.Click the return to the front page and view your account .


10. Click your account ,then you can find the files to down load .


 Please kindly note the valid time is one month ,pls take your time .Thanks!